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Organic Insect Killer – Food Grade ! Keep the ants, mites and other insects from your plants naturally. Diatomaceous Earth ( DE ) powder, food grade. Organic microscopic shells that cut insects and leave them drying out naturally. No Poison and edible ( my girlfriend likes to mix it with fruit juice for dietary assistance). Place DE powder along your walls and on your floors and these insects disappear. This is not an 'instant' kill but works over time and is VERY effective inside and out. I've used it for a few years now and swear by it. I tried everything in Florida to get rid of them and the Palmetto bugs (large Roaches usually outside) that always made their way into the house. Poisons just do not work (and we have Dogs so that is a bad option). This Works, my yard looked like it snowed for awhile and neighbors asked what it was and they seen what it did. They have a DE Blower for dusting plants, all natural. This stuff looks like flour and is used to protect food grains. It even works on your Dogs and Cats for fleas, mites, etc and they can not be hurt by this. The sharp microscopic crystals cut the hard shells of these insects and causes them to dry out and die. We have even dusted our carpets. You will have to re-apply after you spray water as it will wash off easily but stays in the soil and continues to kill shelled insects. It has not bothered the Earthworms in our yard like other Flea and insect poison has ( I go fishing and really hate poisons ). Research this for yourself. BUY IT WHOLESALE, it is a lot cheaper buying a 50 lb bag and shipping than going to Lowes, Home Depot or other places for a small bag of unknown quality at a very high markup. Make sure you get FOOD GRADE and not POOL GRADE.

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Official Facebook Page for The Kingston Compassion Club Society for Cannabis Research & Development (K.C.C.S) 

420 Magazine – Creating Cannabis Awareness since 1993 – Medical Marijuana information

Government-sponsored study destroys DEA 'no medical use' assertion on Marijuana

GWPHARMA – Medical Marijuana soon to be prescribed in the USA – tokeofthe – Big Pharma takeover of medical Marijuana – legislation – Camp

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Legal Medical Marijuana Recommendations

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Hi Robert, thanks for being a friend! Hope you love my freedom loving & pro-medical-cannabis tunes. For the last year I've been globally ranked the #1 Alternative music act from Edmonton Alberta Canada on the Reverbnation charts, check it out (free downloads)! Just click play below.
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Dr. Reefer! | Alternative from Edmonton, AB, CA

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Washington's First Marijuana Legalization Commercial

August 09, 2012


North American Industrial Hemp Council

August 10, 2012

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August 14 2012

Medical Cannabis and Its Impact on Human Health a Cannabis Documentary

August 15 2012

Michigan news -

August 16 2012

ATTENTION! If you or someone you know, has access to cured "Grapefruit Haze" material, I can really use it here @ Epsilon! There's at least 4 patients who can benefit tremendously, should I be able to source this specific genetic. PLEASE, IF YOU HAVE A SOURCE for GF Haze, whether it's flower or high grade (properly stored) trimmed botanical material, Epsilon can work some magic for a few people who are fighting, for their lives.

August 17, 2012

August 18, 2012,2972.html

August 19, 2012

Should Grandma smoke pot?

August 23 2012

Find your Representatives and send them letters

August 24 2012

Great Graphics and posters, flyers, trifolds, etc

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THEN POST THIS MESSAGE ON YOUR OWN WALL! (After midnight we will go through and choose the winners from the ones who completed the task correctly. It could take some time so please be patient. Thank you! =)

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